About Us

Ryston Runners AC was formed in 1986 at Ryston End near Downham Market. Originally a running club, we expanded to cover cross country and track & field, and now are one of the most active and versatile clubs in Norfolk.

Our core principle is to encourage athletes of all ages and abilities define and achieve their own personal goals and objectives, all within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What We Do

Why Ryston?

Looking around for a club to join is often a bit of hit and miss, however select Ryston Runners AC and we're confident you won't be looking much further. But why Ryston?

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How to Join

  • Interested in trying athletics for the first time?
  • Looking to get fit?
  • A regular runner but never joined a club?
  • Experienced athlete but just moved to the area?

If you answered YES to any of the above then getting involved in Ryston Runners AC couldn't be easier.

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